Are you willing too, Fail to Succeed?

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Are you willing to Too, Fail to Succeed? What am I getting at???… Even if you have moments where you don’t believe in yourself remember this…God believes in you! You’re His creation! You’re His child!! You’re His Legacy!!! John 1:12 Amplified Bible (AMP)

I believe in you too! Why do I believe???!? Because I know the truth…the Real Truth!! The truth is you can achieve anything your heart desires!! God said so! I believe in your goals, your aspirations and your ability to achieve them because I’ve been through the exact same process many times! Everything I have now – my career, my financial independence that God still has coming for my family, a life I love i.e. {Family, Church, TRUE Friends & Great Associates “learn the difference”}. These are all battles God has me TRAINING & FIGHTING for! God wants you to have a life you’ve always dreamed of. You must take action if you TRULY want it!!! Or are you just talking about woulda, coulda, shoulda dreams/goals? Or are you willing to FAIL over & over so you can learn to Succeed? Rising to the top of anything will be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done. However, so worth it!!!!

King David God anointed David king of Israel when he was a boy. He defeated Goliath, married King Saul’s daughter and became a hero in Saul’s army
(1 Sam 16:1-13; 17:1-58; 18:20-30). David committed adultery with Bathsheba who became pregnant (2 Sam 11:4-11:5). Arranged the death of Bathsheba’s husband Uriah (2 Sam 11:17). But David confessed and repented his sin and God forgave him. God used him to perform mighty acts for the sake of Israel.

Chris Gardener suffered through eviction and homelessness, jail and eventual divorce. He slept in a subway bathroom with his son. However, GOD let him go through “Process” of that to get to his “Promise”! Owned & Sold over a BILLION $$$ Assets! That’s Wealth not being Rich. And wrote  The Pursuit of Happyness.

Michael Jordan missed more than 9000 shots, lost almost 300 games. 26 times; he was trusted to take the game winning shot and missed! However, he still became the G.O.A.T!!!

Abraham Lincoln was first DEFEATED In every office he ran for. Then he became our 16th President

You have to “Start Where You Are”! STOP DREAMING & START making REALISTIC THOUGHT OUT GOALS! You will fight tooth and nail for every ounce of your success. I had a vision of what I wanted my life to be, and I DID give up on it. Many of times! However, then I realized on Wednesday, August 1, 2012, I had to get focused on what REALLY mattered. I was 38 I had to push the Reset button and “Start Where I Was”! I saw a photo of what looked like some bubbles & TV static. It was the Ultrasound of my baby girl.

How to Fail: Write the vision and make it plain. Prepare a strategy. Outline tactics and tasks. Listen to the doubters. Lose Faith. Give up.

How to Succeed Continuously: Write the vision and make it plain. Seek WISE counsel, Prepare a strategy. Outline tactics and tasks. Step out of Faith & Launch your vision. Fail possibly, Fail again. Figure out why you failed by reviewing your failures. Modify, Conquer & Grow. Engage in helping others, while they help you! Prepare even better strategies! Step out of Faith & Launch this vision. Fail possibly, Fail again. Explore, new ways to accomplish your goals from the failures and WIN! ALL the time Praising God for allowing you to learn from your Failures to Succeed.

People wouldn’t believe you that you are now inspired & dedicated to getting to where God has for you. They’ll remind you fo your old self. Like you forgot! They will say you’re too young to start that… You’re too old to go back to school or start over… Your dreams & goals were & are too big… You wouldn’t succeed…If your Dreams or small enough for you to complete on your own? DREAM BIGGER! You Are A Child of the Most High God!

I am following my path God laid out for “me!” You have to stop, listen, study what you were told and follow God’s words for you! IT’s NOT GOING TO BE EASY. That’s Biblical. Any type of Success is a failure in progress. Your greatest concern is not whether you will fail! Because you will! However, whether you are content with your failure?  I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. I failed at writing this post without any grammar mistake. “Forgot to re-up on my Grammarly subscription” SORRY! However, that is why I succeed; I did not use that as an excuse to hopefully inspire 1 person today. I don’t look backward for very long. I keep moving forward, opening up new doors, and doing and failing with new things because we’re curious… As to what God has for me! Are you willing to Start Where You Are? Too, Fail to Succeed?

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