An Important Message regarding COVID-19

Our COVID-19 Response

Coronavirus is a very serious issue that has everyone's attention. We have been inundated by the media concerning the potential pandemic. For some, this has instilled fear in their hearts concerning the spreading of this virus. While we wholeheartedly understand the importance of ceasing the spreading of this virus, we have not been called to live in fear. Our response to the COVID-19 crisis is the same as with any crisis, we must pray AND be practical.

The Government has recommended canceling large gatherings of 250 people or more. While this does not directly impact us today, we are taking the necessary precautions to ensure our worship environment is clean, sanitary, and disinfected. To that end, we will still hold worship service tomorrow but will have the following available in the foyer for our congregants:

1. Lysol wipes to clean phones and any other handheld objects.

2 .Hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands. Please use this upon arrival prior to entering the sanctuary.

3. Disinfectant spray will be used in our worship environment.

In addition to the above, we will not shake hands or exchange hugs during our meet and greet as normal. Instead, we recommend elbow bumps or waving to your neighbor.

Again, we will pray but we will also be practical. Therefore, if you are sick or feeling ill, please do not attend the worship service. In the future we will offer live streaming, however, we do not have that ability today.

Please follow the preventative instructions given by the CDC and know that we effectively do our part in helping to stop the spreading of this virus when we practice good hygiene.

Your care and safety is our top priority. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure you can safely attend worship services in a clean and sanitized environment.

I am looking forward to worshipping with you.

In His Service,
Pastor Shawn Edmonds

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